Why is videography important?

I wanted to include this section for a very specific reason. I remember being where you are right now. Researching for my upcoming wedding. Trying to see how much I could afford. Trying to fit in the things I wanted into my budget. I completely understand how overwhelming it is to start seeing the prices for everything and freak out. Here's what I need you to do...BREATHE. Take a step back for a minute and try seeing it this way. 

YOUR BIG DAY - Nerves are finally extinguished seeing your partner at the first look. Everyone watches you walk down the aisle in that gorgeous dress. Vows are exchanged.  You've cried hearing your parents and siblings say such wonderful things about you and your partner. You've danced your first dance, eaten your cake and done the Nutbush with all your friends and family.


But how are you left to remember all of that? Trust me, the day goes by SO fast!


Your flowers will die, the food and cake got eaten, the venue is getting ready for their next wedding, you may never wear that dress again. Most likely, you'll only walkaway with some photographs. But is that really enough? Is a photograph from your first look going to help you remember how he cried the first time he saw you? What was it your dad said in his speech again? Will you actually remember WHAT you vowed to each other?


Don't in anyway, take this as me saying Photography isn't important, because it absolutely is! But I feel like videography is sooo overlooked sometimes simply because the couple thinks it's too expensive. Well, it is. But I prefer to see it as an investment. 


I guess the question is, "How much are memories worth to you?"

A wedding film can preserve your memories in time, so you can relive the day, see the nervous excitement, the laughter, feel the joy, the emotional moment your groom has when he turns and sees you for the first time. Photographs are important. But I TRULY believe that a wedding film is the only way you can RE-LIVE the day over again and feel the emotions that went along with it. I know couples who have no regrets buying a wedding film. But I know twice as many couples who whole-heartedly REGRET not realising what an HEIRLOOM it can be and wishing they had gotten a wedding film.


By all means, do what's best for you, but I really wanted to include this just in case there are any brides like me out there and only focused on what I could fit into my budget, instead of trying to figure out what was important to me.